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Five Examples of Shipping Container Homes

Tiny-House-Building-SystemsBy Christine Walsh

Compliments: Jetson Green

A home made of shipping containers can be as big or as small as you want it to be. And if you have the desire to downsize to a tiny house, a shipping container lends itself very well to the purpose. With the right type of insulation, flooring, and perhaps choosing one of the high cube containers, which has a higher ceiling, such a tiny home can be quite cozy indeed. Below you will find the top 5 shipping container homes made from a single unit, which can easily be called tiny homes.

1. Tiny Homes Made by New Generation Builders


The Florida-based company, New Generation Builders, specializes in transforming recycled 8 by 20-foot shipping containers into tiny homes or offices. They built the home pictured above for a North Carolina couple. It is made from a single 8 by 20-foot shipping container, and it is equipped with a full kitchen, and a bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower and toilet. The bathroom is located at one end of the shipping container and separated from the main living area by a 30-inch pocket door. The rest of the shipping container is taken up by the main living area (which also doubles as a bedroom) and a fully equipped kitchen. More details

2. Sunset Idea House


This tiny home was designed and made by Seattle-based company HyBrid. It offers a modest 192 square-foot home, yet with enough room to sleep up to four people. It is made from a used 24-foot shipping container with a galley kitchen, micro bathroom, and large openings, which nicely blend the indoor and outdoor spaces. This home is also solar-powered, which makes it that much more sustainable. More details

3. Tiny Prefab Home Made by InterModal Design


The company InterModal Design makes sturdy and durable prefabricated homes from used shipping containers that can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. The homes they offer lend themselves well to off-the grid living, and can easily become the main residence, guesthouse, or office space. The units feature a kitchen space, a living room that can double as a bedroom and a full bathroom. More details

4. Ecopods


The Canadian company Ecopods makes sustainable, fully recycled container homes. Each Ecopod is made from a standard 8’x20’ steel shipping container, and, though primarily designed as a temporary dwelling, one can easily use an Ecopod as a main residence. What’s more, all Ecopods are made to function off the grid. These homes are powered via an 80-watt solar panel and a 12-volt battery, which means that an Ecopod is ready to live in right after it is set up. To extend the livable area of the home, one of the 20-foot sidewalls of the Ecopod can be lowered by 2 hydraulic cylinders, powered by a solar-powered electric winch , to form a sturdy deck. The deck can be raised to secure the Ecopod when leaving the home for a longer period of time. More details

5. ShelterKraft Werks Shipping Container Homes


The Seattle-based home building company, ShelterKraft Werks, designs affordable homes made of recycled shipping containers. The base unit they offer is the CargoCottage, which is made from a single 8-foot by 20-foot shipping container. The house measures 160 square feet and features a two-person sleeping nook, a bathroom with shower, kitchen, and a dining/living area. The prefab homes they offer can also be fitted with optional, sustainable technologies, such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro-generated electric power, as well as rainwater catchment and grey water reclamation systems, composting toilets, green roofs and rooftop garden installations. The units are made using eco-friendly building materials such as low-VOC paints and counter tops made of recycled fibers. More details

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Shipping Container Homes Tiny Houses

Tiny-House-Building-SystemsShipping container homes are all the rage. The diverse applications are almost endless. The tiny House community is exploring the shipping container housing concept as an inexpensive frame for their Tiny House conversion.

What do you get when you embark on the shipping container home journey?

Well, unless you buy a completed post-manufactured/finished shipping container house, you start with a basic shipping container.

Shipping containers are rather durable and come in two basic sizes: 8 ft. x20 ft and 8 ft. x 40 ft. The 20 ft. container starts at 5,290 lbs. and the 40 ft. model starts with 8,380 lbs.

The price for a used shipping container will range from $1,500 (well worn) to $8,000 (like new) plus shipping costs. You have to find a way to get the shipping container to you. This will incur shipping costs to have delivered to your site.

After you receive your shipping container, you will have it inspected (or not) then clean and prep your container and make sure it is water-tight.

If you want something beside barn-door-style entry at one end, you will have to get a metal contractor (unless you possess these skills) to cut door and window openings in your container.

The next question is: Do you want the interior of your shipping container home to look like a shipping container?

If not, you will need to put up walls… and it is likely that you will want some insulation, too.

As an alternative to re-fabricating a used shipping container… Why not start with a brand-spanking new Sing Container Home Shell?

The Sing Container Home Shell comes in the same dimensions as the standard shipping container sizes and is built completely of insulated Sing Sandwich panels. All door and window cutouts are pre-cut to your specifications.

Exterior finish is your choice of aluminum or FRP and interior is Luan plywood, ready-to-decorate to your heart’s content.