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Service Space

peace-tiny-house-greenCompliments: Service Space

ServiceSpace is an all volunteer-run organization that leverages technology to inspire greater volunteerism. It’s a space to explore our own relationship with service and our interconnection with the rest of the world. ServiceSpace allows our inherent generosity to blossom out into small acts of service for the community around us. It’s a space to learn how outer change is closely tied to our own inner transformation. It’s about changing ourselves, to change the world.


ServiceSpace was conceived by volunteers, was built by volunteers, and is run by volunteers — all for the benefit of volunteers. Our projects range from a daily positive news service, to an acts-of-kindness portal, to a gift-economy restaurant. Regardless of the endeavor, we act in concert to create service opportunities for each other and to support each other’s service journeys.

In September of 2011, we formally changed our name from CharityFocus to ServiceSpace. Founded in 1999, ServiceSpace was originally started to help non-profits with technical services. Over the past dozen years, the organization has become an umbrella for many generosity-driven projects. Thus we have expanded our services from focusing just on helping charities, to encouraging everyday people to contribute in meaningful ways to the world around them. As the name suggests, our new expanded ServiceSpace platform allows people to stay connected with others interested in service, participate in service opportunities through any of our dozen projects, organize their own local service event using our tools, and stay connected to inspirational content. Above all, we believe in the inherent generosity of others and aim to ignite that spirit of service. Through our small, collective acts, we hope to transform ourselves and the world.

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Trash Around the World in Photos

peace-tiny-house-greenTiny House enthusiasts are supportive of various efforts to promote a greener earth for us and future generations. Part of that responsibility includes not being a litterbug. One site, Trash in Paradise, is helping by letting earth’s inhabitants post photos of trash-littered paradise locations to point out the travesty and to promote a cleaner, greener world by raising awareness of the litter travesty around the world.

From Trash in Paradise:

Whenever we travel, we always pick up our trash because we want other people to have the privilege to enjoy all the beautiful places in the world. We are very conscious of how much trash we produce and want to limit it as much as possible.

The purpose of this section is to display pictures of trash in paradises, so people can realize that even in the most beautiful locations, you can find pollution. Our future generations will be the ones to deal with all the problems caused by pollution and global warming.

Many places have been severely affected by this, especially the ocean. Not only do we depend on this earth but so do all other organisms in this world and it is our job to keep it clean and healthy. We need your help to show to the world what we “the humans” are doing to our planet.

If you have any pictures of trash in paradise or any image that can make people think about the damage we do by not picking up our trash, we will really appreciate it.


Visit Trash in Paradise for more information and spread the word by sharing this site with your friends.