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Lowe’s Tiny House Kits at Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s Special 8′ x 14′ Tiny House Kit

8 ft x 14 ft Tiny House Kit Lowes Home Improvement 8x14 Sing tiny house
8×14 Sing Tiny House Kit from Lowe’s example (finishing and trailer not included)

You asked for it; Sing Core and Lowe’s gives you what you’re looking for.

Patented Sing Tiny House Panels have the following features:

  1. Strongest SIP panel. Reaching 660 PSI vs. Regular 20 PSI SIP
  2. Lightweight. Approximately 2 lbs. per sq. ft. vs. 4 lbs. or more
  3. Super thin. As thin as 1.5 inch vs. average SIP panels are 6 inches thick.
  4. Super insulation. Sing Core with urethane insulation which is 5.7 per inch vs. regular SIP use EPS foam = 3.5 inch
  5. Easy to build. One piece construction which includes outside skin, interior skin and insulation.
    Structure wall vs. regular 2 x 4 stick built or SIP structure which adds many layers of excess material to build the wall, floor, and roof.

Sing Tiny House Panels are far superior than any other building material while being Eco-friendly.

Sing Tiny House Panels are also used for high quality storage units (no mildew), wood sheds, living spaces, guest houses, ticket booths, pump houses, studios, disaster relief structures, utility sheds, playhouses, espresso stands and any other small building needs. They travel safely, construct quickly, and look beautiful.

They weigh less than a third as much as an equivalent slab of sheet rock, so you can easily and safely construct your home in a few hours. Our prefabricated panels include insulation, framing and interior and exterior siding. Our thin sandwich panel walls give you more space inside your home.

Choose from 2 options:

Deluxe DIY 8×14 Sing Sandwich Tiny House Kit: $5250

Includes 2″ Sing Sandwich panels (R18) for the walls and ceiling and 3″ Sing Sandwich (R22) for the floors only, for the avid do-it-yourselfer.

Complete Deluxe 8×14 Tiny House Kit: $7950

Includes easy-to-connect 2″ Sing Panels (R18) for the walls and ceiling and 3″ Sing Panels (R22) for the floors with pre-installed windows and door.


See Lowe’s Pro Desk for Lowe’s Special Discount Pricing

Shipping Container Homes Tiny Houses

Tiny-House-Building-SystemsShipping container homes are all the rage. The diverse applications are almost endless. The tiny House community is exploring the shipping container housing concept as an inexpensive frame for their Tiny House conversion.

What do you get when you embark on the shipping container home journey?

Well, unless you buy a completed post-manufactured/finished shipping container house, you start with a basic shipping container.

Shipping containers are rather durable and come in two basic sizes: 8 ft. x20 ft and 8 ft. x 40 ft. The 20 ft. container starts at 5,290 lbs. and the 40 ft. model starts with 8,380 lbs.

The price for a used shipping container will range from $1,500 (well worn) to $8,000 (like new) plus shipping costs. You have to find a way to get the shipping container to you. This will incur shipping costs to have delivered to your site.

After you receive your shipping container, you will have it inspected (or not) then clean and prep your container and make sure it is water-tight.

If you want something beside barn-door-style entry at one end, you will have to get a metal contractor (unless you possess these skills) to cut door and window openings in your container.

The next question is: Do you want the interior of your shipping container home to look like a shipping container?

If not, you will need to put up walls… and it is likely that you will want some insulation, too.

As an alternative to re-fabricating a used shipping container… Why not start with a brand-spanking new Sing Container Home Shell?

The Sing Container Home Shell comes in the same dimensions as the standard shipping container sizes and is built completely of insulated Sing Sandwich panels. All door and window cutouts are pre-cut to your specifications.

Exterior finish is your choice of aluminum or FRP and interior is Luan plywood, ready-to-decorate to your heart’s content.