Welcome to Tiny House Blogs, where you will find all the most important newest news, stories, statements, opinions and feedback on the ever-growing community of Tiny House enthusiasts.

tiny-house-tiny-homeWe have three basic categories of emphasis. First and more obvious, TINY HOUSE which includes everything specifically associated with tiny houses, materials and building methods – including Tiny House News.

Tiny-House-Building-SystemsThe world is full of Tiny House enthusiasts with many different approaches to the varied challenges when dealing with design and building the perfect tiny house. We offer a platform for you to share your ideas and to learn about the many tiny house building methods that may be available to help you build a better tiny house.

energy-tiny-house-green-cropWe also feature a section on ENERGY with everything from commentaries and opinions on energy consumption and methods of Saving Energy as well as more responsible uses of energy.

peace-tiny-house-greenFinally, PEACE, is where we share information that promotes a better world through knowledge and awareness, empowering all tiny house enthusiasts to make a difference in their respective communities and globally.

It’s a new way of thinking.

We help to promote all types of tiny houses, building systems even a new American way of life revolution by taking less from nature and building sustainable homes to last.

We invite talented designers, architect, contractors, wood workers, to use this open platform to discuss and learn how to build a better home today for a better world in the future.

The idea behind the Tiny House movement is encourage people save energy by using less which is a global task for all human beings.

But we couldn’t do this without you.

Help us make this site the best it can be. If have – or learn about – news that would be beneficial to the Tiny House community at large, let us know and together we will help spread the word.

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